Technologies Units 1 ESO

These are the units in Technologies 1 ESO, you can see dem directly

Unit3The software
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Eng Madera 1eso
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The paper bridge
Eng Puetne De Tubos
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11 comentarios:

  1. hello lovely teaher I am christian and I say that the project of we are doing is very interesting bay bay

    christian dalluge ruiz

  2. Sabrin Yermak Moumen21 de enero de 2009, 12:12

    This is my Opinion:
    I think that..
    ·The Proyects: Very Interesting!!
    ·The Homework: Mmmmmm.... Ok!
    ·The Explinations: Very good! The difficult is that have a lot of definitions...
    ·The Exams: Ok, But have a lot of exersices and some times we haven't got time...

    GooD Bye!!
    By: Sabrin Yermak Moumen.

  3. Hi Heber.I like very much the idea of the power point presentations and the workshop.The exams are ... ok, and the explaneisions very good.



  4. Hi boys and girls !!!!
    I like your coments, so please continue adding comments and don't forget to put your name¡¡¡

  5. Heber, the exams are very difficult, and we have to copy a lot. You could give us more positives, because my mother is angry with me¡¡¡
    Cristian Garrido

  6. hello heber I thin that the exams are ok but we haven´t got time we have copy much and olds want copy minus

    bye bye heber
    when you go to put the presentetion of luis and dani was very interesant

  7. Hello Heber!
    I think that when we go to make questions to our classmates some times we question to our friends and other people know the answer they and haven't got opportunity becouse we don't question them.
    For the rest is ok!

    by sabrin yermak moumen

  8. It seems to me, dear Heber, a good idea the presentations available, so we, fathers worried about the improving of our sons, can help them studying the Technology.


  9. Hi everyone¡¡
    Thanks for your comments. I agree with Sabrin, therefore we are going to improve the method. Next day we will start with someone that never got a positive.
    Remember that you can download the presentations and work with them, and if you don't understand something you only have to tell me, and I will try to put more pictures and try harder to explain myself
    Keep working boys and girls!!! and parents too hehehe

  10. Hi heber how are you? I´m fine but now in holidays I have study a lot for exam recuperation and I haven´t time for go to the beach thank you!!!!!
    By una chica fastidiada en vacaciones

  11. Hello!!!
    I like your class of technology.
    But i hate your exams.
    The first drawing page is very cool.